Wesley turns 75!

In the fall of 1946, the college student group at Cullowhee Methodist Church officially became the Wesley Foundation. For the past 75 years, students have called this place their "home away from home." 

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The first mention of Wesley Foundation at WCU comes from the Sylva Herald and Ruralite from October 3, 1946.

Cullowhee Methodist has always been involved with their neighbor Western Carolina. Before 1946, there are records of a college Sunday school class, a college choir and various events. These were so popular that they made the Western Carolina yearbook as official clubs! But the official name of the Wesley Foundation didn't come until 1946. 

The first record of Cullowhee Methodist receiving United Methodist conference funds for funding their college student group(s) comes in 1947, where the pastor of Cullowhee Methodist received $50 for the school year of 1947-1948. 

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